SEO services in Australia. 
Fell free to email us any time, and discuss the situation you have. We'd love to explore the options.
Increase rankings. One-time optimisation. 
Issues resolving. Planning the correct website structure. 
Conversion rate. website administration and support. 
From small local and family owned business to the international corporations.
All additional services: paid search, UX. 
Office: 488 George str., Sydney CBD, NSW 2000. Please send us email/ message.
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 - +61 475 111 072
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 Call or message 24/7. We'll answer the working hours.
  - usually around 1 000 AUD per month; 90 percent of the project lies within the 1000-2000 AUD per month range;
  - there are campigns which requires less attention and the price could be 300 AUD per month;
  - there are campaigns and companies which requires exquisite approach and the price could be higher.

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SEO agency and SEO services in Australia.
Our Australian office is located in Sydney, George str., 488, NSW 2000 Sydney CBD.
We do work with all types of businesses, who have activity within the Australia.
Small, local, family-owned, medium-sized, enterprise and international corporations.
Any type of a website: producers, service companies, classifieds, e-commerce, informational websites.
SEO is more effective within 4 particular situations:
    low frequency keywords, which covers all the audience needed; 
    local business - flower delivery glebe, provider of specific goods or services,
    ecommerce/classifieds with an enormous amount of SKU.

We do work with monthly payment. 
90 percent of the companies are within the range of 1500-3500, with moda of 3000 AUD per month. 
We have clients with payments of 200-500 AUD per month. 
We have enterprise clients with payment above 10 000 -25 000 per month. 
It all depends on the complexity.

We need to perform a work: 
- access to the website admin panel; 
- access to the website metrics of any type; 
- access to the paid search, myBusiness, Search Console account; 
- ranking reports if any.
We do negotiate about policies of changes: 
- either we do all changes without negotiating them, but are saying about them, if they affect external view;  
- or we do negotiate every single thing (slower).
Our job consists of two main parts: 
- making all necessary technical setting correct and monitoring them; 
- routinely monitoring every day performance in terms of keywords; 
- balancing texts/site structure to gain necessary rankings; - analyzing routinely daily performance; 
- offering new things if/when they appear.

To gain maximal ranking the business must: 
- have a good speed; 
- make all technicals last; 
- have texts; 
- have correct structure; 
- have new links appears naturally and constantly; 
- gain good reviews; 
- new pages on the website, if correct; 
- has good UX.

- rankings-  everyday; 
- end of the month - brief description about what is going on.

We are accessible via email. 
We strive to answer within 24 hours, but usually within minutes. 
9AM-9PM Sydney time are our working time. 
Phone is ok, but it is better to use email.
Additional services: 
- site support - yes; 
- paid search  - yes; 
- SMM management - yes; 
- managing Google Maps account - yes; 
- emergencies (like the site is down) - within the working hours - yes.
if you do need other things - they are discussable 

How to start: 
- write an email; 
- we'll answer; 
- short discussion; 
- whether you just need a consultation - it is totally ok; 
- if it is ok - bill, deed and starting (often the same day); 
- within the first day we do all necessary adjustments and are starting to wait for rankings to increase; 
- every some days we adjust our tactics to gain more needed effect.

- SEO is not a guaranteed method of advertising; 
- we ask you (and sometime require otherwise it is not our deal) to start paid search campaign before paying for SEO, 
because paid search, even more expensive, 
gain customers the day it starts, while SEO is not; 
- low freq keywords can be adjusted within days; 
- if we'll find that the website grows month-to-month with a stable speed it would be a great; -